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We greatly value your support both through faithful prayers & regular giving.

If you would like to partner financially with Overcomers Outreach, we encourage you to set up a direct deposit to our bank account and please notify us through our Contact Us section if this is the case.


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  • 7th Tradition Monthly Contribution: If you are a member of our fellowship, or an OO group please consider making a regular monthly contribution and use the Subscribe button - You will need to use or set up a PayPal account.

All funds raised go towards furthering the work of OO and supporting people in 12 Step addiction recovery. We thank you for your support.

Direct Deposit Details:

Bank: Westpac Community Solutions | 12 Step Ministry
Account Name: Overcomers Outreach
BSB: 032 828
Account No: 243156
Please include your name or organisation in the transfer description.

Prayer Points

Thank God: What a powerful meeting we had this month at the OO city meeting. Those who have benefited from OO are bringing new members along and all are being supported in working their 12 steps to recovery. So encouraging to be a part of this. Thank you Lord.

Our founding principle at OO is that all our power to do this work and the change that is brought about in addicts lives, comes from the Word of God and this is foundational in our meetings. Chris explained the importance of step 4 work; the rigorous honesty this takes. He used the dialogue between Jesus and Peter in John 21. How knowing an all forgiving, loving, merciful higher power can enable that honesty even when we still want to worry about what others are up to. Recovery starts with me. Thank God for the encouragement.

There is often so much warfare and loss and sadness in this field and so much ignorance and misunderstanding in the church. Let us rejoice with God for those who have overcome and for seeing His mighty hand at work.

Thank God: For a wonderful night of rejoicing with Him and for the preaching of His gospel to so many on the Addiction - There is a Way Out evening at St Andrews Cathedral. Testimonies were given, lots of questions were asked & answered by specialists in the field. We pray many people were encouraged to continue on their recovery journeys one day at a time. 

Ask God: Increasingly this year we are seeing those who'd been struggling for years, now finally getting time up and finding slowly reconciliation with their families. Addiction is a family disease and often in our communities we ostracize the family. Please pray for families this month that suffer addiction. Its a heartache to so many. Our heavenly father knows our pain. Pray for perseverance in the struggles.


Pray for ...

Kingsford & Sadlier groups that more people will come along regularly to these meetings.

Engadine and thank God for their strong leadership and growing numbers.

Claymore and ask for God's strength and wisdom for Phil as he juggles the leadership there.

Lalor Park and thank God for the growth in both abstinence and numbers.

Brisbane we have a new leader and we thank God for this gift.

Sydney City group. Give thanks for Penny's perserverance, patience and persistance as she leads Overcomers under God's direction. Give thanks for her willingness to serve others. Pray for daily sustenance from Jesus as her journey continues.

Remembering our power is in God's word, our hope is in the body of Christ, found in His local church and our message of recovery and salvation is given through healthy honest relationships.






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