What is the living room australia project

The Living Room is a structured day therapy program for addiction recovery.

We have plans to implement The Living Room UK’s therapy model in Sydney. We believe there is a great need for this type of addiction treatment program in Australia and it is our prayer that God’s providence will bring this vision into fruition. The Living Room UK’s model embellishes a sense of belonging and community for the clients and the service is provided free of charge to participants. It has operated at Stevenage since 2000 and has a success rate near 70%.

We would greatly value your prayers and support to make The Living Room Australia project a reality. We have a monthly prayer letter and those who are able, gather together on Friday mornings at 5 Forbes St. Newtown from 9 to 9:30am to pray for God’s blessing, protection, patience, planning and provision.

Our foremost prayers are:

  • For God to lead us to a suitable location, where we can foster a sense of belonging, community and safety.
  • For God to provide suitable Christians to represent us on a Board of Trustees.
  • For God’s clarity around the structure of the organisation.
  • For providence of substantial funding to cover our set-up costs and wages for 2 qualified full-time Counselling staff, Administration staff and Creche Co-ordinator.
  • We are also seeking committed part-time volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks going forward.

If you would like to prayerfully support us or have gifts and skills you can contribute to The Living Room Australia project, please get in touch with us through our Contact Us section.

If you would like to partner financially with The Living Room Australia project, we have an account specifically for this purpose. We encourage you to set up a Direct Deposit and notify us through our Contact Us section.

Alternately please use the Paypal Donate button for one-off or recurring payments with your credit card.

Please note: In the event that The Living Room Australia project does not proceed any donations received, will be used for Overcomers Outreach’s | 12 Step Ministry. We thank you for your support.

Direct Deposit Details:

Bank: Westpac Cash Reserve | The Living Room Australia Project
Account Name: Overcomers Outreach
BSB: 032 828
Account No: 243164
Please include your name or organisation in the transaction description

The Living Room’s Approach:

The Living Room’s structured day service offers clients the hope of recovery whatever their addiction; be it to drugs, alcohol or to behaviours such as over-eating, self-harm, gambling, love or sex.

Our approach incorporates: 

Therapy within a group that has a shared commitment to the goal of abstinence.

The powerful motivational effect upon the individual that comes from this shared aspiration cannot be underestimated – as he or she is supported and challenged on a daily basis to grow, develop and overcome their illness.

Well recognised counselling and therapy practices:

Our structured day services employ cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and solution focused therapy to enable clients to maintain motivation, manage their using triggers and sustain recovery.

A spiritual dimension to recovery:

We actively encourage and support clients to embark on a spiritual journey as part of their recovery. In the 12 Step tradition we encourage clients to develop a relationship with a Higher Power (whether this be their own particular religion’s conceptions of God, or something more abstract such as human potential, love or nature). We have many times seen the inspiration, joy and comfort that clients have found through exploring the spiritual facet of their lives whether through meditation, worship, prayer or contemplation.

Recovery services for all addictions:

Whilst many come to us with addictions to drugs and alcohol, we also help those with other compulsive behaviours such as problem gambling, sex addiction and eating disorders. Our approach is to engender those higher mental and spiritual functions that enable an individual to gain insight into the nature of their illness of addiction and develop the tools to sustain their recovery.

Fully qualified counsellors that have themselves recovered from addiction:

Our recovery service staff are all fully qualified counsellors and have each at least five years of recovery from addiction. This personal experience of addiction helps reinforce the integrity of our approach in the eyes of the clients.

Help with practical matters:

We provide support and advocacy with amongst other things reuniting with children in care, money management and debt, re-entering the workplace, family mediation.

For further insight please visit The Living Room UK’s site: www.thelivingroom.me.uk